I strive to find new value for businesses and to create solutions that delight consumers and improve lives.

My strength as a designer comes from an ability to combine seemingly divergent inputs into solutions that address human needs. My background has given me not only a range of human experience on which to draw from but also imbued me with the empathy required of an effective designer. I believe that everyone can benefit from good design. 

My design process is focused on what the future state may be. When I design products I look beyond what the consumer is focused on now and anticipate what the future could be. I design and visualize that future and create a plan to get there.


Graduated from ArtCenter College of Design

Received a Master of Science in Industrial Design


Graduated from Claremont Graduate University

Received a Master of Business Administration, Innovation System Design


Graduated from University of Utah

Received a Bachelor of Science in Design

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