I create solutions that delight

I strive to find new value for businesses and to create solutions that delight consumers and improve lives. My strength as a designer comes from an ability to combine seemingly divergent inputs into solutions that address human needs.


I’m an Adventurous Designer, Husband, and Father

I see design as an adventure. My design process focuses on what the future state may be and the unseen path it could take. My background has given me not only a range of human experience on which to draw from but also imbued me with the empathy required of an effective designer. I believe that everyone can benefit from good design. When I design products I look beyond what the consumer is focused on now. I design and visualize for the future and create a plan to get there. My biggest adventure partner is my wife. We enjoy whitewater kayaking, snowboarding, mountain biking, trail running, skateboarding and climbing. We both work hard and play hard. We are both creative people and believe it is all about the story. For my wife, it is all about capturing the right photo that tells that story. For me, it’s learning to discover that story and then make sure to embody that story in the physical, digital, or service products I’m creating. I also like to keep the sequel in mind when I’m designing and make sure to plan for its future. I hope to be able to teach my young daughter how to make the story of her life amazing and reach her full potential.

Rowed the Grand Canyon

When I was in my early twenties, I was invited to row a boat down the Grand Canyon at high water. What made this trip especially interesting was that I had only rowed on one other trip prior to this trip. The Grand Canyon is not the place to learn to be a boatman, but I caught on quickly and navigated the 225 miles of difficult whitewater with no issues. This trip stands as one of my proudest life moments.

Cycled 387 miles in 3 days

When my wife and I first got married we decided to get into road cycling. As our joy for cycling increased, we wanted to find new ways to push ourselves. We decided to sign up for an intense road tour with 387 miles of Colorado mountain roads with over 20,000 vertical feet of climbing. This tour was to be completed in 3 days. We pushed hard and set new limits for what we could do on our bikes. We learn how to push to the very edge on that trip.

Lived in a van for 10 years

I decided in order to adventure as much as possible, I would live in a van and travel to all the places that offered adventure. I taught snowboarding in the winter and whitewater kayaking in the summer in Jackson Hole, WY. I learned so much about how to have empathy for others and how to look for the best in everyone. I also found fantastic friends and made incredible memories.



It is important for me to gather accurate information and “get smart” quick. I employ several types of analysis tools to find meaningful insights and opportunities. I use generative tools during my interviews to get down to what people really want, and how they truly feel and who they think they are. After those interviews, I use several analysis methodologies and frameworks to filter my information to find key insights. I also study key trends and run through possible future scenarios to anticipate what the future might look like.  Those insights and trends lead me to discover powerful opportunities that I can ideate and design for.


I approach my design process with empathy, in-depth knowledge from my research, and with an open mind. Equipped with quality research findings of the customer’s needs, feeling and desires and knowledge of future trends, brand values, and current marketplace I move toward delivering beautiful and functional products that connect to customers. I translate my finding into sketches and prototypes. I continue designing and refining the design with the user in mind to ensure that my designs are intuitive. I strive to design products that delight users through function, form, materials, and an embodiment of brand values. I create products that connect to the hearts and minds of consumers.


It is vital for me to design while anticipating what future scenarios might look like and what products are needed to get there. The products, services, and experiences I’m designing must be positioned in relation to the rest of the market to succeed. My process involves the interplay between design and business strategy. By designing strategically I often use my research methods to help ground my thoughts and ideas of the future. By determining what to make and do, why to make and do it, and how to innovate contextually, both immediately and over the long-term is what leads me to the greatest success.


When I have been truly innovative I have found and met new requirements, discovered unarticulated needs and designed to meet those needs. I have also been able to see shifts in market needs and adjust designs to fit that future market need. I create more effective products, processes, and services using new technologies, business models, and a greater understanding of the human needs. Innovation can be found in adjacent markets or it can be found by expanding product offerings to meet new user or market needs.


Product strategy

Brand strategy

Customer journey mapping

Competitive analysis

User testing

Design research

User experience design

Interaction design

Industrial design

Visual design

Stakeholder interviews

Product definition

Product road mapping

Strategic foresight

Trends research

Future scenario models

Market positioning

Consumer insight analysis

User experience analysis

Strategic business planning

Industry competitive analysis

Virtual reality contextualizing

Future studies


Packaging design

Concept generation

Physical models

Appearance models

Experience prototypes

User experience documentation

Manufacturing liaison

Design for manufacture

Technical specification and

Color Material Finish documentation

User experience demos

Human-centered research

Product development

2D and 3D rendering

3D modeling and fabrication

Scenario prototyping

Color Material Finish development

User Interface design

Rapid visualization

System diagramming Sketching

New value creation